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Maturity Assessment

Are you sure your department is running securely or as efficiently as you could be? Do you want some peace of mind about the direction you are heading in? Do you ever wonder where your IT department sits compared to others in your industry?

Our infrastructure maturity assessment takes a holistic look across your department and its infrastructure, comparing it against industry best practices whilst maintaining a balance of what is right for your business. It works by interviewing key members of staff, reviewing your infrastructure setup and supporting processes. From this we will provide you with a prioritised list of recommendations and a debriefing session.

Architecture Review

Is your infrastructure's architecture offering your business the flexibility you need? Do you know what your current architecture is? Maybe you are considering moving towards a zero trust architecture or another major product and need to determine your starting point?

Our architecture review service will determine and document your current architecture for you. We will also provide you with a report of any recommendations or considerations that you should make with your architecture moving forwards to ensure your business is secure, reliable and scalable.

Configuration Review

Do you think your firewall configuration is as secure as it could be? Are you confident your switches dont have common configuration vulnerabilities? Are you making the most of the licences you have paid for? Maybe you just have a security standard that mandates a security review periodically.

We can review a wide range of infrastructure devices such as Routers, Switches, Wireless, NAC and Firewalls. So why not try our Device Configuration Review where we will review your configuration and let you know where you're strong and where you need to pull your socks up!

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