Our Design and Delivery Services

Working with you to take your infrastructure to the next level

Design Service

Recently taken on an IT department to find your predecessor liked their infrastructure from the early 2000s? Do you want to better leverage new technologies to increase productivity and reduce downtime? Have you got a new site that you want to design as your gold standard to move forwards with?

We can sit down with you and guide you through the process from start to finish. From ensuring you have identified the correct business requirements through to putting together your bill of materials.

Design Review Services

Have you done a design and you would like technical review before placing the order? Have you had a third party do a design for you and would like a inderpendant and impartial review? Maybe you just want to make sure the design is maximising the components and licences being used?

We are passionate about moving our customers to the best possible position for them. We can review you design to make sure it is meeting requirements and is right for your business.

Delivery Support Service

Have you got some new infrastructure you need deploying but don't have the time or staff to do it? Is it the first time your staff are deploying a new technology and you want mentoring or a safety net for them? Have you got a major deployment coming up and want a second opinion on your roll out plan or technical project management?

We have experience ranging from deploying single devices in small business all the way up to entire infrastructure replacements for large multi campus enviroments as well as everything in between.

Learn how Morgan Cyber Solutions can transform your IT and OT enviroments.

Reach out to our expert team to hear more about the range of professional services we can offer for IT and OT infrastructure.

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